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Rounded Corner


“I would like to put on record my sincere thanks to the team at Hobson & Reeve.

I truly believe that Mr. Reeve’s integrity, commitment and knowledge of the legal system was observed by myself, family, friends and by his peers, to allow my innocence to overcome a very difficult time.

I pray that no one ever finds themselves in the position that I found myself in. However, as long as there are individuals such as Mr. Reeve, there is always hope for upholding justice.

On behalf of myself, my children, friends, family and our community I extend my gratitude to Mr. Reeve and his team.


Domenic Manno

“When I needed a criminal defence lawyer, I turned to Dennis Reeve of Hobson & Reeve. When I contacted Dennis, I knew little about the criminal justice system, the legal issues in my case, or the potential consequences involved. The whole process was an eye-opener for me, but with Dennis there to help, I was able to feel secure about my case. It even felt like an education, in a sense.

Dennis gave me good advice starting with my initial consultation. As soon as I met him, I felt comfortable. Dennis has been a criminal lawyer for a long time, and you can just tell that he knows his stuff. I was nervous in court, but I had confidence in Dennis’s direction. I felt good about the outcome of my case, which I attribute to Dennis’s know-how and experience.”


June 14, 2013

I have changed lawyer after I was told by him that my case will go to trial and crown wanted proceed with criminal charges and no settlement could be made.I contacted Dennis and even though he acknowledged that case was not easy to win I liked my chances better with him after first consultation. He was able to meet with crown and reach plea bargain agreement as a result of which my criminal charges were dropped and reduced to less serious charge with far less consequences. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking for lawyer.


January 13, 2014

I contacted Dennis Reeve becouse i was charged with criminal offence back in November. i found him,when i Goggled ” the Best lawyer in New Market”.Since our first meeting i was at ease and didn’t have any doubts,he’ll do his best to help me to resolve my issues.i was absolutely right. He took upon himself to go to the court on my behalf.So, i didn’t have to leave my office every time when i have court appearance.It was perfect!Also, he didn’t prolong my case in order to get more money off me. it showed me how honest he is. He finished everything within 1 month,which unheard off, consider my very difficult case. It was also perfect,because my license was suspended for 3 month, and it will overlap my further suspension, to reduce total time of being suspended. Also, he discussed my case with Crown and found the outcome possible. I will definitely recommend Dennis as the best lawyer to anyone who needs REAL HELP! With great thanks and respect!Elena



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