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What is Fraud and What Are the Consequences?

Fraud is a general term for criminal activity that involves obtaining money or other valuable property or services through fraudulent or otherwise dishonest methods. In Ontario, fraud cases may be pursued as either summary conviction offences or as indictable offences, depending on the value of the property or amount of money that was fraudulently obtained. Fraud charges involving less than $5000 can result in a prison term of up to two years, while fraud involving more than $5000 is an indictable offence that may be punishable by incarceration for up to 10 years.

Why You Need an Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer to Fight a Fraud Charge

Fraud charges can be complex and multi-layered; they often involve complicated legal issues and a large amount of evidence. For example, many fraud prosecutions involve multiple defendants or others who were allegedly involved in the fraudulent scheme. Prosecutors often face challenges in obtaining and analyzing complicated financial and accounting records in order to build a convincing case, and also must prove intent to defraud. However, they are more than capable of doing so and obtain fraud convictions regularly, so fighting those charges can be a daunting task. The experienced criminal defence lawyers at Hobson & Reeve are more than up to the challenge.

With skill, dedication, and a deep understanding of the particular nuances of fraud charges, Hobson & Reeve can give you the best chance of obtaining a favourable outcome and help you avoid the severe consequences to your reputation and your freedom that would result from a fraud conviction.

If you have been charged with fraud or if you are under investigation for fraud in Ontario, retaining an experienced criminal defence lawyer like those at Hobson & Reeve at the earliest possible opportunity is essential. Even before charges are filed, Hobson & Reeve can better protect your rights by representing you during questioning or interrogation by law enforcement or other authorities. Your quick action in obtaining experienced criminal defence counsel may even help you avoid charges in the first place.

Hobson & Reeve, Barristers – Experienced Ontario Fraud Defence Lawyers

The legal team of Hobson & Reeve, Barristers has over 60 years of collective criminal law experience. Our lawyers have worked hard to establish themselves as formidable litigators in court as well as efficient negotiators on matters such as plea bargains. Both David Hobson and Dennis Reeve have served as Crown prosecutors; this experience gives them invaluable insight into each case’s unique strengths and weaknesses and helps them choose the best strategies for protecting their clients. They are dedicated to impeccable preparation, fierce yet professional advocacy, and providing the best possible defence for each client. Hobson & Reeve look forward to bringing their decades of legal experience to your case, protecting your rights, and providing the advice and representation you need. If you’ve been charged with or are under investigation for fraud, call them at 866.619.9646 for a free initial consultation.

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