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Rounded Corner

Suppose you have had a few beers — maybe a few too many — and you remember that you left your car in the driveway. You grab your keys, stumble to the car, start it, and drive it into the garage. As you are staggering out of the garage, a police officer who happens to be driving past your house notices that you are having difficulty walking in a straight line. The officer stops and asks if you are having a problem. You answer that you are fine but your speech is noticeably slurred. The officer concludes that you are under the influence of alcohol and asks if you have been driving. You admit that you drove your car, but only from the spot in the driveway where you had parked it into your garage. The car was always on your private property, never on a public street.

Can you be charged and convicted of impaired driving? The answer is YES. Yes you can!

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