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VICTIMIZING THE VICTIM – Florida Judge Scolded for Jailing Domestic Violence Victim

This Florida Judge jailed the victim in a domestic assault case for not showing up at trial and testifying. As well as the public outrage, “The Florida Supreme Court said her (Judge) behavior was “intolerable” and gave people the impression that she was siding with the prosecution.” The Judge was reprimanded and has to take sensitivity courses. Likewise in Ontario neither the Attorney General nor Judges wish to be seen as victimizing a victim.
Earlier this month, the Florida Supreme Court publicly scolded an Orlando judge for more than six minutes straight for the way she handled a domestic violence case last year.   Judge Jerri Collins was overseeing a domestic violence trial when a victim failed to appear and testify. After the trial was completed, Collins called the victim back into the courtroom, this time to hold her for contempt of court.   The victim pleaded with the judge that she could not go to jail because she had a 1 year old son to care for. She said that she had not

Source: Florida Judge Scolded for Jailing Domestic Violence Victim

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