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Criminal Code long overdue for overhaul

The 2015 Martin’s annotated criminal code and related statutes runs 2,079 pages. The 2015 supplement of amendments adds 87 more pages. It is amended and added to numerous times each year. It is riddled with “outdated, unenforceable and unconstitutional” laws. It has become so complex and confusing it is difficult, even for experts, to apply the law correctly, hence this judicial doozer of a mistake. I don’t know if anyone alive remembers the last time it was overhauled and cleaned up.
As legal goofs go, Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Denny Thomas’s verdict in the Travis Vader murder trial for the slaying of vanished-without-a-trace retired couple Lyle and Marie McCann was a doozy. That’s not only because Justice Thomas’s second-degree murder conviction relied on a long-dead provision of Canada’s Criminal Code, but also because his trial judgment, the first ever live-streamed from an Alberta courtroom, was ballyhooed as a signal judiciary-media compromise in the campaign to put cameras in courtrooms.

Source: Criminal Code long overdue for overhaul

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