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Now, police must only show their fear that the person “may” commit a ‘terrorism offence’. Police can arrest terror suspects and bring them before a judge, who can then issue a peace bond against them for up to 12 months. They can be required to surrender their passport, obey a curfew, participate in treatment programs, wear an electronic monitoring device, and abide by other restrictions. Although one has to agree to sign the peace bond, they face up to a year of prison time if they choose not to. “In particular, we’re concerned that by doing this, we’re normalizing these exceptional powers, and the case hasn’t been made that they’re needed.”
Some members of Canada’s legal community are criticizing a provision introduced by anti-terrorism Bill C-51 that gives police more leeway to arrest people who haven’t committed any crimes and bring them before judges who can restrict their liberty.

Source: Bill C-51 anti-terror arrests without a crime concern legal experts – Politics – CBC News

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