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THE SLIPPERY SLOPE OF TWO TIER CITIZENSHIP – Conservatives move to revoke citizenship from home-grown Canadian

How quickly policies, once enacted, change. Harper’s new power to strip Canadians of citizenship and deport them now also applies to native born citizens for the first time in Canadian history. “But in a strange way, the Conservatives are equal-opportunity revokers. The Gaya case demonstrates that when the government is determined to banish those it considers miscreants, it will simply call them dual nationals — whether they are or not. Under its new law, the Conservative government does not have to prove Gaya is the citizen of another country. He has to prove to Immigration Minister Chris Alexander that he is not.” Note that Justice Durno did not consider this guy to be an irredeemable villain.
Saad Gaya was born in Montreal and holds no other passport. The government plans to exile him anyway.

Source: Conservatives move to revoke citizenship from home-grown Canadian: Walkom | Toronto Star

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