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 “Canada’s crime rate fell 27 per cent over the past decade. However, the cost of our justice system more than doubled to $85 billion from $42.4 billion in 1998. Correctional Services Canada, which runs a nation-wide Restorative Opportunities Program, describes restorative justice as “a non-adversarial, non-retributive approach to justice” that emphasizes healing victims, meaningful accountability for offenders, and including citizens in creating communities that are both safe and healthier.” It is a system that is tough on offenders, includes victims in the process and is successful yet Harper’s “law and order”, “tough on crime” agenda is the antithesis of success and compassion. Which approach do you think promotes safety for Canadians?
In a moment of boredom, two teens in Lanark County, Ont., smash their way into a hardware store and help themselves to the goods. Police nabbed the pair soon after. But instead of going before judge and jury, the teens faced their victims in a citizen-run “restorative justice” forum. It’s an approach that’s gaining popularity across Canada, showing there’s more than one way to be tough on crime.

Source: We Should Use Compassion to Get Tough on Crime | Craig and Marc Kielburger

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