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Five myths about the tough-on-crime agenda |

“Canada used to be admired internationally for its approach to corrections, particularly its treatment of young offenders and its progressive rehabilitative programs. Today, Canada is moving in the other direction — establishing mandatory minimum sentences, incarcerating more offenders, making it harder for them to obtain parole and ensuring that the conditions of their incarceration are harsher.”Former Toronto police chief Bill Blair says ” Prison should be reserved for “truly dangerous” individuals.”
Myth 1: Tough-on-crime policy is about promoting public safety.
Myth 2: Tough-on-crime policy is about helping victims.
Myth 3: Tough-on-crime policy is good use of taxpayer dollars.
Myth 4: Heavier enforcement controls crime rates.
Myth 5: People who break the law deserve long, punitive sentences.
Conservatives swear their crime policies have made Canadians safer. On the contrary: it’s the one area we can safely say Canadians are less safe and paying too much for the privilege.

Source: Five myths about the tough-on-crime agenda |

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