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OH FOR LEADERSHIP LIKE THIS IN CANADA -President Obama Takes On the Prison Crisis – The New York Times

“Mr. Obama explained that people who commit violent crimes are not the reason for the exploding federal prison population over the last few decades. Most of the growth has come instead from nonviolent, low-level drug offenders caught up in absurdly harsh mandatory minimum sentences that bear no relation to the seriousness of their offense or to the maintenance of public safety. Mandatory minimums like these should be reduced or eliminated completely, he said. Judges should have more discretion to shape sentences and to use alternatives to prison, like drug courts or community programs, that are cheaper and can be more effective at keeping people from returning to crime.”
Mr. Obama spoke of the absurdly harsh sentences that have filled America’s prisons, and of the need for community investment to prevent crime.

Source: President Obama Takes On the Prison Crisis – The New York Times

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