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ppower208-25022011 “Imprisonment is supposed to reduce crime in two ways: it takes criminals off the street so they can’t commit new crimes (incapacitation) and it discourages would-be criminals from committing crime (deterrence). But neither of these outcomes came to pass. Prison obliterates your earnings potential. Being a convicted felon disqualifies you from certain jobs, housing, or voting. Each year in prison reduces the odds of post-release employment by 24% and increases the odds you’ll live on public assistance. Time in prison also lowers the odds you’ll get or stay married. Being in prison and out of the labor force degrades legitimate skills and exposes you to criminal skills and a criminal network.” These are the indisputable experiential facts. Harper’s “tough on crime” policies fly in the face of the evidence. His words are “1984 double speak” designed to get him votes at the cost of the safety of our communities.

Source: In America, mass incarceration has caused more crime than it’s prevented – Quartz

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