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FITBIT DATA AS EVIDENCE – used to self-incriminate its user | Éloïse Gratton

As we go through daily life we leave an electronic data trail, seemingly of everything we do, whether online or not. Most of this data we’re not aware of creating and it seems to be cast off into the cloud like so much detritus but a lot of it is recoverable and can be used for us or against us. Who of us really thought this is the case with health-tracking bracelets?
I posted a blog a few months ago about Health-tracking bracelets and privacy issues and raised the fact that health information collected by these self-tracking devices may be used as evidence in a litigation. Kashmir Hill published a piece today entitled “Fitbit data just undermined a woman’s rape claim“. Apparently, according to ABC 27, a woman handed the username and […]

Source: Fitbit data used to self-incriminate its user | Éloïse Gratton

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