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“Professional means ethical. It means upright. A profession is a calling, not just a job. When you are professional, you act with the highest standards of integrity and regard for your clients. It is professional to tell the truth, especially when it is hard to do so. People will remember the way you handle yourself years after they met you. What would you like them to remember you for?”
Being professional has always meant taking one’s obligations seriously, but at one time being professional was also assumed to mean being stiff and formal. A lot of people still have that idea in their minds.I have been called ‘unprofessional’ for a lot of silly reasons, like wearing a shade of pink lipstick that someone thought was too vivid, or for telling the truth when no one else in the room wanted the truth to be told.Gradually I realized that people throw the term ‘unprofessional’ around for several different reasons.There are behaviors, of course, that are actually unpr

Source: Seven Things That Brand You Unprofessional | Liz Ryan | LinkedIn

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