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CARDING – I THINK THE PROBLEM IS: that most people don’t understand what it is. You’re sitting in the park or outside of your house or in your car in a parking lot talking to someone – minding your own business and doing nothing illegal – when the police approach you, demand you identify yourself, explain and justify what you’re doing and perhaps even search you. Their uniform, authoritarian tone of voice and demeanour and veiled threat intimidate you into compliance. They have no authority to do this but prudence suggests you should comply. They record who you are, where you were, when you were there, what you were doing and who you were with so they can compare this information in past and future crimes investigations.
Influential voices add to pressure on Police Chief Mark Saunders to reform a practice they say causes “distrust and disrespect.”

Source: Prominent Toronto citizens jointly call for end to carding | Toronto Star

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