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Oades: Tories’ approach to corrections endangers prisoners, public

THE HARPER “WAR ON CRIME” HURTS US ALL – “The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), once recognized as a world leader in research and practice, is now lagging far behind many other systems through its more punitive approach to the management of offenders. To see proof of the failure of strategies like those being pursued by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government, we need only to look to many states in America. Its “war on crime” included a significant reduction in judicial discretion, dramatic cutbacks to rehabilitation programs and the dismantling of reintegration infrastructure. This resulted in massive increases in prison populations and cost increases that promised to bankrupt future generations. Many states are now working to undo these policies and replace their strategies with a model very similar to the one that the Harper government has scrapped here in Canada. These states include Texas, which can hardly be described as being soft of crime.”

Oades: Tories’ approach to corrections endangers prisoners, public.

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