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Technology will ultimately completely address the concerns of impaired driving, whether the impairment be from alcohol or drug consumption, distraction, inattention, stupidity, lack of skill or whatever. “The cars now being produced are stuffed with high-tech safety technologies that will allow the car to automatically avoid danger and even drive itself—if you fall asleep while driving, the car should be able to get you home safely.” Implementation is not far away. BMW and AUDI are working on autonomously driven cars.  INFINITI with it’s Q50 is almost there in a mass production vehicle.  GOOGLE is actually doing it in limited numbers.  Soon you’ll be able to really party on without worrying about getting home.  But until then, every motor vehicle should be mandatorily equipped by the manufacturer with ignition interlock devices.

via The Model D Is Tesla’s Most Powerful Car Ever, Plus Autopilot | WIRED.

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